Don't just watch a horror movie, experience one!
Walk through the 6 acre wooded area with only ONE flashlight per group.
Be prepared to be scared by sick minds!

It is rumored there was a secret U.S. Army chemical weapons storage facility near Lake Lewisville in the small town of Lake Dallas, TX. The rumors surfaced around the years of 1965 or 66, when 6 people in a trailer park were killed (in self defense) by a retired Hex County Sheriffs Deputy. "In my thirty years of working in law enforcement, I've never seen anyone act as supercharged psycho as those lunatics I had to put down that day!" the ret. deputy told investigating officers. According to unofficial reports the Army personnel stationed on the base have been missing since the incident, though U.S. Army officials deny any missing personnel. The abandoned chemical weapons facility was just recently discovered during the construction of the Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge and is said to be behind the present day Swisher Courts indoor sports facility in Lake Dallas.

Admission:$15, Tickets sold at ticket booth. Please note that the Swisher Courts facility charges $2 for parking.

We are located behind the Swisher Courts indoor sports facility in Lake Dallas at 501 E. Swisher Road, Lake Dallas, TX 75065

(817) 919-1477

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Don't just watch a horror movie

The scariest outdoor haunted attraction in Texas
Located on 6 acres!!!